If we talk about cricket, we must talk about the cricketers as well. This game is the only game in this world where we can watch every single ball to know who is the winner and who will be the capable of winning the match. But you know these cricketers are really hard work to get their position.

MS Dhoni India’s most successful captain of all time. When I say an ideal cricketer, this player come into my eyes who always gave a unique support to his team. Most efficient and a reliable player on which any team can be dependable. MSD started his careers in one day with a very small score. But when Mr. Dhoni caught pace, he did not stop and he moved forward.

The player whose name I will mention is still very confident about his game and he plays with great confidence…

In this regards, when we see this type of player, we really appreciate them. Whenever Indian cricket team expected something extraordinary from this player, MSD never let their expectation down. He always keeps his country name ahead and played with full spirit. He never thought about the records , performance but his only goal is to archive the target.

Whenever I talk about this player , it is very less to say but his confidence is remarkable and a very good human being indeed.



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