When we talk about Indian food, we have made a lot of research and we found that Indian food has a lot variety indeed. It has different states in which a lot of varieties of food is made. But our Indian food is so unhealthy in terms of spices we used over it.

Whenever it comes to eating, one thing in my mind is that many times the Indian food is really nutritious. But my answer is always No. Our Indian food is not so healthy and nutritious. Specially our Indian Sweets which is world famous desert and served whole India as a traditional method to express your happiness.

In my opinion , our indian food is cooked in a lot of varieties of oil and people loved to eat it. They love the tast of indian food and specially a north Indian food makes a special place in people’s heart. The Top Rated foods are Shahi Paneer, Dal Makhani, Kadai Paneer, Mix vegetables, Matar paneer.

But are these foods really healthy for a Indian family. Nowadays people are suffering a lot from obesity problems. People are having less time for having healthy food and they totally depends on western foods.



One thought on “Why Indian Food is so Unhealthy

  1. First of all u clearly dont know a thing abt indian food which is ok but if u just assume its unhealthy then ur a fucking dumbass bc i eat this shit everyday and i aint even obease from it

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