Used Phones are most difficult to judge either they are harmful or good for human health. In today’s world the most difficult thing is to recycle the old mobile phones. Are these really harmful for health? My opinion is Yes, these old handset are more harmful than a new handset because it creates more radiations in terms of wear and tear , battery went out of order and people usually change the battery without any research and put the unauthorized battery from local shops.

People usually re installed the battery without checking the authenticity of the battery. When these mobile phones are sold out and used by someone else, it is really harmful for a person who is actually the second owner of the mobile. It is because the original battery already un installed by the first user during the battery replacement period.

We all know very well that radiations on mobile phones are very high. High Radiations not only effect our internal body parts but also this is very harmful for growth of a body. we must avoid using this mobile phones in many circumstance specially when we have less battery in our handset. Mobile phone has become a very luxury lifestyle status for each and every generation. The new smart phone designed with latest technology are equipped with all types of facility which every user must like.



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